Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Corporate Lessons from Mythology

Many Researchers draw lessons from the ancient Indian epics. The characters in the epics leave lasting lessons for the managers of the organizations.

Who said that mythology gives “gyan”? When we search for ancient Indian texts, we would land up at the Upanishads, the Vedas, the major epics Ramayana, Mahabharata and Panchathantra stories.

All these are mistakenly identified with the Hindu religion.  All these convey that he who cannot manage himself can manage nothing else.

These recognize that all living things are united by the same source of powers, you may call it by any name. Despite the diversities, there is a commonality in the Indian culture. Isn’t it? Let me address the corporate lessons, I learnt from Indian epics.
First let us take Mahabharata. There is a verse in ancient verse in Puranas. “There is no word which is not a mantra. No plant which does not have medical qualities. There is no man who is useless. But an organizer is scarce”.

Yes, the organizer, the leader is a scarce resource, as we keep debating in the corporate circles “Are the leaders born or made? Charismatic leadership traits (CLT) are discussed in the management schools. In America, CEO is given the heroic status – he drives the vision.

The greatest of all such organizer of the last Dwapara yuga (Before 3000 BC) is none other than Lord Krishna.

Without a weapon on hand, He was the greatest strategist and tactician of the Mahabharata war. The so called justification of  white lies in a crisis – conditionally accepting a lie if it is to uphold ‘Dharma’ was demonstrated by Lord Krishna many times at the Mahabharat war.

Mahabharata gave birth to Bheesma Needhi, Vidhura Needhi and Bhagavad Gita – all these give great lessons on governance, leadership, management and governing the self.

Bhagavad Gita’s great pronouncement - ‘Do your duty. We have no control in the fruits of the work. Do not have the reward in your mind while doing the duty’. This principle of attachment with detachment is the way of life for all mankind.

Focus on the roots and not the fruits. Chase your dream but learn to face the result, as it unfolds.  In this competitive corporate landscape, Passion at the input phase and philosophical outlook at the output phase drives my corporate life smoothly.

More to follow …..

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