Tuesday, 9 July 2013

The launch of The Shackles of the Warrior - Tidbits from the Media Part IX

The launch of the Shackles of the Warrior was very successful. The media had quite a few questions to ask. Here, I share with you a few of them with my replies.

9. Destiny or Disposition 

Q:- Destiny or disposition that determines success?

Fate is like a game of cards where you cannot influence the cards that will be thrown at you, but how to play them is in your hands. You may get good cards but if you play badly, you will lose and you may get bad cards and still may win if you play carefully. The roadmap is to give you direction, but it is you who should take the right turns at the right times!’

Though growing on the same earth and same soil, two plants from the same mother plant have different characteristics. Even if the seed of the same plant is sown with the same manure and same water, there will still be difference between them. Same applies to man. The way one absorbs the knowledge from the same teacher and same parent differs from person to person. A living thing is not metal piece of mass production. A living thing goes through changes from time to time. These are works of nature. These are nature’s wonders. Man is made by his own beliefs. As he believes, so is he. Unless you perceive your worth, you cannot achieve.

Take for instance, two men who look through the prison bars, one sees the mud, the other sees the stars. Your thoughts are the architects of your destiny. A positive mind emits harmonious waves of thoughts, a negative mind send discordant signals. The lock is outside the prison, but the lock is inside for many of us. It is the ‘thoughts’ that lock you in. When you want to reach the top of the mountain, your attention should be focused on it. If you stumble on a small stone at the foot of the hill and you are irritated by that and give up your quest, then clearly your focus is not on reaching the top. You should continue to focus on the top.

Everyone has talent. Everyone on the planet is a wonder of the world. Everyone has the potential for extraordinary achievement. Small achievements lead to great victories. Positive habits create results. Opportunity is under one’s feet. We do not have to keep brooding that we are less fortunate. All we need to do is to recognize the opportunity. We need to build a positive attitude rather than complain about temporary stress and uncertainties of change.

Dwelling only on your destiny deprives you of your dues. The unexamined life is not worth living (Socrates). The problem with most of us is that we always brood over  the  closed doors of opportunities. You never see so many windows of opportunities open for you. A  pessimist sees difficulty in every opportunity: an optimist sees opportunity in every difficulty (Winston Churchill).

You need to have the courage and conviction to face adversities.Without doing things with full conviction, we call ourselves unlucky and brood our failures.

...to be contd.

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