Thursday, 29 August 2013


Did Pandavas Visit Argentina?? 
It is a Wonder but it’s True…
Hastinapur, The city of Wisdom in ARGENTINA!!

Yes, Hastinapur, the city of Wisdom in Buenos Aires has an area of 12 acres. Its population 
consists of dozen Indian Gods amidst the local Argentinean Population. Temples of Ganesha, 
Surya, Krishna, Shiva are true. It has a temple for Pandavas too. 

Entrance to Hastinapur city in Buenos Aires
A dozen Argentineans who live there look after this place. Argentineans go there for seeking 
Wisdom. The inmates there cook only vegetarian food and share it with poor families. 

Lord Ganesha in the greenery of the garden

Hastinapur respects all religions and beliefs. There are temples for Buddha, Virgin Mary, Greek 
God Demeter and another temple called “Temple of all Faiths”. They give classes in yoga, 
meditation, Philosophy, sacred drama and celebrate festivals like Ganesh Chathurthi. 

Meditation Hall
No priests, the worshippers pray directly to god. The founder Alda Albrecht has written a book 
on ‘The Saints and teachings of India’.

Hastinapur foundation has 16 centres in Buenos Aires and also centers in Urugay, Bolivia and 
Columbia. More on their website  
The Pandavas did not Visit Argentina but they have set their footprints in the form of a temple for 

You can now conclude – Whether Pandavas reached American Continent, much before 
Columbus? The Judgment is yours! 

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