Thursday, 28 April 2016

Ramsethu: Ancient Bridge or Storehouse of Energy?

One of the endearing stories of the epic Ramayana is that of how a bridge was built that spanned between India and Lanka and the whole army of Lord Ram is supposed to have crossed over to fight the war with Ravan.

Upon being confronted with a massive ocean to cross over. Lord Ram is supposed to have prayed to the ocean gods for direction. The ocean gods suggested that a bridge be built. It is believed that Naia, a brilliant architect and engineer in the army of Lord Ram came up with the design and using locally available materials, the bridge was built over a span 5 days. Ramsethu stands as a symbol proving Lord Ram is a history and not just a mythology.

Apart from the Ramayana, the Mahabharata also refers to the continued protection of Nala Setu following Sri Rama's command. Kalidasa's Raghuvamsham also refers to the Setu. So does the Skanda Purana, the Vishnu Purana, the Agni Purana, the Brahma Purana.

The bridge was supposed to be operational till the 15th century when temple records mention that a massive storm broke the bridge and made Lanka into a true island. Numerous stones found in and around the area have been found to float in water. The bridge is considered sacred by Hindus and is a site of pilgrimage of many.

The main secret behind the Ramsethu is not just the religious significance but also its actual composition and the important role it can play in the future of India.

The bridge has unusual concentrations of the mineral Monazite which is an ore of thorium. Thorium is being touted as a panacea to the energy problems for India. Current nuclear reactors run either on Uranium or Plutonium. Both these minerals are heavily controlled for international trade and India does not have sufficient nuclear fuel to move ahead with the conventional nuclear energy reactors.

Thorium on the other hand is safer options and India is a pioneer in making non-conventional fast breeder nuclear reactors that run on thorium instead of Uranium. The advantage being that a fast breeder reactor is not only safer and more efficient but also produces waste that is significantly less in quantity and toxicity. It is being touted world over as a much better solution to generate power. But the key roadblocks that remain are availability of thorium and technology to build the reactors.

Now a fact that most people are not aware of!! India has almost 30% of the world’s thorium reserves in a form that they can be easily extracted and we are also the pioneers in the technology for fast breeder reactors.

The Ramsethu is the biggest source of Thorium. It is not only made up with a high concentration of the mineral ore for thorium. The bridge itself creates a barrier such that the ocean currents are arrested in the region. The changed ocean currents have ensured that the minerals deposits are in plentiful supply on the coasts of Tamilnadu and Kerala. Not only is it a source of energy in itself, it is also physically contributing to making Indian coasts minerals rich in Thorium.

Believers think that so many things going right cannot be a natural phenomenon but divine intervention by Lord Ram himself that has given this blessing to India. Through the bridge Lord Ram has ensured that plentiful source energy is conserved for India for generations to come.

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