Wednesday, 28 December 2016

Who is Rudra? - Part 1

2008 AD...

A terrorist group attacks the world by planting viruses into global computer systems from a satellite orbiting the earth. This act of cyber terrorism disrupts air traffic systems, interferes with the control system for water and electricity, blocks commercial communication, crashes various network systems, gains access to secret military information and defaces websites. In light of this cyber-attack, the world is facing a chaotic situation.

Shiv, a young, celebrated NASA scientist destroys the group’s moves and saves the earth from cyber-attacks. To honor Shiv’s extraordinary performance, a felicitation function was held at Taj Mahal Palace Hotel, Mumbai on the fateful day of 26th November 2008. Shiv, the cyber warrior, becomes a victim of a physical terrorist attack at the Taj Mahal. His mind flashes with several images while he lies in a coma in the ICU of a leading Hospital in Mumbai. The images of war, weapons and weeping widows swamp his mind. Are these flashes from his previous births?

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