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My Speech at Annamalai University - drdd

Dear well- wishers,

Here is my Speech at Annamalai University, Tamil Nadu. Topic - Convert the Sparks of possibilities into Flames of Achievements

Some portion of my speech as a chief guest at Annamalai university commerce dept which received a standing ovation this week. People appreciate when we link the speech to the personal experiences than text book experiences, I realized. 

Just shared with u as I always believe in sharing good things with my well-wishers.

Here is this extract -
“You may ask me v r used to listening to great people’s story. But we are
ordinary people. 
No every one is a specialty. Only yr attitude determines your altitude. I give my own example since u may prefer live examples:

  - I proudly declare in any forum i am a product of a rural town Mayiladuthurai. My father was a humble teacher. நேர்மையும் ,நம்பிக்கையும், கடவுள் 
பக்தியுமே என் தந்தை எனக்கு அளித்த 
அழிக்க முடியாத அசைவில்லா சொத்து. அனுபவத்தால் உணரவேண்டிய ஒன்றை..., 
ஆயிரம் தத்துவ ஞானிகளாலும் உணரவைக்க முடியாது.மூக்கு பிடித்து மலை பல கடந்து 
முனிவர் பலர் பெற்ற தத்துவத்தை, ஒட்டியும் 
ஒட்டாமலே வாழ்ந்த வாழ்க்கையால் எனக்கு கற்று தந்தவள் என் தாய்

- I read at Tamil medium since our school where my father was a teacher did not have English medium. I studied my BCom in madras university but from same rural town. Even though v study college in English medium v speak in Tamil between friends there. I studied my ca from another rural town Thanjavur. I did not want to spend money of my father given our position. But i never wanted  my father to feel the stigma of not being able to educate me in popular branded schools. I just spent 700 rs for ca and 500 rs for college. I told my father that coming top rank will negate my not being taught at public schools/ branded schools. 

   I came in the top ranking my school, went on to rank no 3 in the whole of madras university amongst 12000 students. I was amongst the top 20 all India rank holders in ca and top rank 1 in all India in post graduate in mg accountancy of ca. All from rural background with no  expense To my father. 

But he taught me “ try to reach the moon but be happy even if u reach the tree top. Courage in a crisis and calmness in success are the mantras he taught me”

   In graduation only top three rank holders will be called for graduation in those days as madras university had more than 125 colleges across Tamil Nadu. While i went for convocation due to my top rank, my batchmate of the same year from chemistry division who did not make  even within top 25, later became the most powerful woman on the planet. She went to USA after her graduation/ IIMC. That is a history. She is none other than indra nooyee for you. Now i never can blame it to my bad luck or my father’s fault of not sending me abroad. But  both my daughters went to Stanford/ Harvard/ Kellog business school today. They always tell me everyday “ dad, you should have come to usa at a young age. You would have reached the highest altitude” but i have no regrets. What i could not do i could make my daughters do. 

When I came to the city of madras after my CA, the first interview of mine was at MNC Unilever. There was a group discussion on “ role of Russians in Afghanistan” 
I knew quality stuff. But due to my inability to communicate fluently in English,  I lost to Doon school & Lvodale guys. They were short in substance but strong in english communication. I started with my first failure even after top ranks but due to rural background. 

  I never gave up. I decided to take my first job in Mumbai. Bought “ write better & speak better” book from readers digest. Deliberately moved in the company of IITs & IIMs. In two years i could get over my initial disadvantage. 

 Today when i sign in literary festivals in Dubai, i do see my Doon school friends getting autographed on my book. One Englishman standing in a queue to get my signature in my book which he bought,  asked me” oh, 1 lakh words in your book. How come u write this English when as an Englishman I struggle!”

   I went closer to his ears and said "sir, you listen to more surprise. I studied my schooling at tamil medium from a rural town in south india. Even today i think in tamil first and then convert to english. I am a proud rural product."

Count your blessings, not your curses. Convert the sparks of  “possibilities” in you into flames of “ achievements”

  I am just sharing this not boasting but for boosting the confidence of those who feel they r under- achievers.  

I make sure i see only share positvity and share only positive aspects on the public domain. The negative feelings do cross at times. But i prefer to deal with it at my own level and try to kill such negative feelings with spritual support all alone. 

God bless u all

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