Tuesday, 11 June 2013

The launch of The Shackles of the Warrior - Tidbits from the Media Part VI

The launch of the Shackles of the Warrior was very successful. The media had quite a few questions to ask. Here, I share with you a few of them with my replies.

6. Genre of the book

Q:-  What genre is this fiction?

This is a story involving modern era and ancient era. This story is a cocktail of two periods. It is a multi-period thriller. India is a sub-continent that lives on several centuries at the same time. A bullock cart carrying Rocket launchers, a laborer carrying a hi-tech  TV on his head, at the same the scientists launching their state of the art satellites – We are living in several centuries at the same time.

This book also covers a multi period – you can travel through the time machine and experience the thrill of several eras via “The Shackles of the Warrior”.

..to be contd.

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