Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Ashoka’s Nine Secret Keepers : Alchemy to Gravity Ancient Secrets of Modern Sciences

We all have heard about western secret societies and hidden secrets that they possess. The Da Vinci Code made Dan Brown a household name and sparked an interest in examining ancient documents, stories and legends in a new context. By some accounts the longest continuously running secret society is based right here in India!! In a testament to their success to keep secrets - they are hardly known and just faint rumors are all that abound.
Formed by Ashoka (the idea originating from Chanakya days), the NINE UNKOWN MEN constitute a ultra secret society. Its mission to develop and keep secret nine ancient knowledge streams. They were to use it only to save humanity from cataclysm and extinction. Rumors also abound that they use their knowledge to make the world a better place. The nine knowledge areas or shastras include Pshchology and Propoganda Warfare, Physiology, Microbiology, Alchemy, Communication, Gravitation, Cosmology, Light and Sociology. The leaked portions of the texts have been attributed to the development of various things. Glimpses and hints of the shastras are also strewn in the ancient records being unearthed. Judo with its pressure points and fatal moves is attributed in part to ancient Physiology. The Ancient Sanskrit texts detailing the use and construction of various aircrafts and weapons and its after effects are scarily modern in nature. The Chinese have found Sanskrit texts in Lhasa which describe gravity assist in interstellar travel. There is a record of a Sanskrit scholar building an airplane based on ancient texts which was tested in Mumbai. This was eight years before the first flight by Wright Brothers! The keepers of the knowledge are famously secret. Interaction with outside world is minimal but among those who are suspected to have a contact include Pope Sylvester the Second, Yersin a close confidant of Louis Pasteur and the eminent Indian Scientist and polymath Jagdish Chandra Bose!!! The secret is supposed to be buried in ancient texts and across various temples and inscriptions in India. There is a chance of getting some of the secrets if not the full store of knowledge. It will require a multidisciplinary team of Sanskrit scholars, decoding the Harappan language, scientists and philosophers as well as archeologist. Perhaps one day we will get a believer who will take the mammoth task of building the team and cracking the secrets!! Or else humanity needs to be on the brink for the Nine Unknown Men to Reveal themselves and push us in the right direction. What was the origin of the Nine Unkown Men? How did they decode mysteries in the Chanakya era which even then were ancient? To know more, read the soon to be released mythological thriller “The Indus Challenge”


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