Sunday, 25 February 2018

Is sinless wealth an optic illusion? _ Are all parties clean in collecting donations?

“Democracy is a costly affair to developing nations”- once a former Malaysian PM said. In our country with plethora parties and the voters being bought over by tactical means, you can not vouch for donation free environment. 

What can be ideal for us till we reach at least G3 status? - 

1.A bennovalent dictator who spends 24/7 for the nation operating as CEO of the nation- regional CEOs having similar characteristics for each state- all districts to be headed by top class IAS or professionals who have "nation first" in their mind as district CEOs- the district CEOs to have SWOT (strengths, weakness , opportunities and threats) for each village evolved with people participation- develop each district as a thematic district revolving around the strength of the district-the skill development to start from age 10 with options to kids (those who want to be around the skill of the district or around the skill of the neighbour district or around  overseas country skills)- the academic/ industry/ govt alignment on skill development-

2. The people representative at village level/ district level, state level and national level to operate  only as a jury assessing the performance of these CEOs and serving as the conscience of the nation-

3. Media to be assigned sector specific roles focussing on only sectoral inputs and research avoiding media competition and trial and unwanted TRP  rating wars-

4.All cases to be decided by only one sitting at one level with no appeal and disputes to be resolved in one week-   If such a thing happens and the people efforts are unified towards one mission of reaching G3 status in ten years. ....

5.  Then you can have Rama Rajya.. you can then talk of no political donation and  two party system operating within the government allocated  state election budget for selecting one of two national CEOs-  ---

5.  Till such dream happens election funding will continue to happen. There are many forms- collecting informal donations, kickbacks on favours in overseas markets, collection and whitening of funds in the name of leader birthday celeberations... so many intellectuals lending their brain for conceiving such schemes--

6. All these will continue to happen and no party can claim to work with all sinless wealth- Sineless wealth is an optic illusion!

7. But within the exisiting ones, who is less tainted one seems to be the only factor we are reckoning  I suppose -

Currently we are all trying to visualise a value led society in our life time- is that a mirage or possibility... time alone can answer.

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