Tuesday, 30 October 2018

Be a master of your will & a slave of your conscience

“The creation of the world is not an accidental combination of atoms. It is a stage built for the soul to take birth, act and attain its cherished goal of liberation in which it releases its true nature.

Rebirth and Karma are the twin pillars of Indian spiritual thinking.. Everything depends on its cause. The cause happening, the effect happens. Our present life, therefore, is the result of our past life and its actions. Similarly, our actions in this life determine the nature and course of our next life. Man is the architect of his own destiny. It was precisely this that the Buddha meant when he said “atmadipo bhav”. The Law of Karma is based on the concept of justice (good deeds produce good results while bad deeds produce bad results) which is to be enjoyed or suckered by the concerned.

Are we made of glass or steel?
The hammer shatters the glass but forges steel, so are we made of glass or steel?”

Testing times are like a hammer in real life. These testing times challenge our souls. If our soul is like that of glass, it succumbs. If it is like that of steel, these testing times bring out the best in you. The big thing is not what happens to us in life – but what we do when something happens to us. A smooth sea never produces a skillful mariner!

In today’s showbiz, the exterior of the building is decorated with smooth structural glazed glass, but the foundation is made of steel. The building made of steel structure should be rock solid, only then can the aesthetic glass shine and soar like a star piece. The same way you may garnish yourself with nice outer wear and pleasant manners. But your soul should be rock-solid to observe the core values.

The core values are framed by your mind, your soul — your conscience is the custodian of such values. Be a master of your will and a slave of your conscience.


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