Tuesday, 23 October 2018

Have a big heart not a big head...

To an ego-centric person, the world begins, ends and revolves around him. In the words of Knute Rockne, “Egoism is the anesthetic that deadens the pain of stupidity”.

Let me tell you an interesting story. One day, the owner of a house purchased some kitchen equipment, read all the information in the instruction manual and tried to use it. But he just could not operate it. His servant saw this and asked, “Sir, can I try it?” The owner smirked and said, “But what do you know about this?” Noticing the confident look on her face, he reluctantly gave her the equipment. The owner was shocked to see that she had fixed the equipment with ease and started operating it. In utter disbelief, he asked her, “How did you fix it?’ Her reply took him by surprise, “Sir, I do not know how to read and write and therefore I did not confuse myself”. Many times we tend to think that it is only we who know everything. It is ego that induces these thoughts in our mind and often these thoughts get disproved by ordinary people in the most unexpected quarters.

Have a big heart not a big head. God bless


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