Tuesday, 4 December 2018

In Kali Yuga are idealistic people a rare species?

Many complain that most of us today go only after money. Is wealth or ambition a sin?
Some see through Negative lens-
- Gautama Buddha came out of the palace and went into the forests in pursuit of peace. Today most of the Swamiji's came out of forests and enter into their own palaces in the name of the same peace!
- Most Middle class going after money, most elderly people still under attachment phase and all go after money & fame.
We have to see through the Positive lens-
- The transparency gap has come down and people have information at their finger tips. This raises their ambition levels. Awareness levels increased across the board
- " We can win" feeling has been raised in the minds of youngsters who are not rich. Young minds wear dreams on their sleeves even though they may be from poor backgrounds. Such people have made it big.
- Materialistic comforts have increased all over.
- New fields of inventions keep revolutionary changes to human life
Is wealth or ambition a sin? Is sinless wealth an optic illusion? In Kali Yuga are idealistic people a rare species?
- Let's us start with first remedy.
Artha, Kama, Dharma . Indian scholars recognized and debated the inherent tension between active pursuit of wealth (Artha ) and pleasure (Kama), They proposed "Artha " & “ Kama” are to be exercised with dharmic means. -dharma-driven action", also called Nishkam Karma as a possible solution to the tension.
- the second remedy: scarcity of idealistic people:
The countless inventions of Edison, cosmic genius of Charlie Chaplin, the magic of boundless compassion of Mother Teresa , the charisma of mahatma Gandhi - all of them seem awe inspiring to us. Yet to the leaders themselves their reaction was spontaneous and natural expression. It is not extra ordinary knowledge of a super man , but only an exemplary conduct of an ordinary man that gave the leadership status to them. Leaders realize the ideal,the followers idealize the real. We need more leaders to realize the ideal and we do not alienate ourselves from the leaders on the ground of idealism, while many leaders lived a simple living.
Do you want to be a leader or a follower?
The choice is yours...
Bottom line:
True learning is like lightening a lamp. You can light fire from the same first lamp without diminishing the original flame. You can be the first lamp lightening millions of lamps around you with the of hope & positivity , without diminishing the original flame.
- Blessed is he who has learned to admire but not envy, to follow but not imitate, to praise but not flatter, to lead but not manipulate, to win without sin".
Will you be the one?
Are we the generators of hope & positivity for the young generation? Or we the ever brooding defeated souls dragging philosophy as our companion in our downfall?
The choice is yours


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