Sunday, 16 December 2018

Stress is our way of life

Office stress, kitchen stress, traffic stress...few of my friends are adding meditation stress, mantra stress....
When the mind, body & soul r not aligned the result is stress
Physical stress: metabolic stress, body misslignment (destressing strategy: body healing techniques)
Mental stress
the inner voices that criticize you, push you, and hold you captive to the traumas of the past and worries about the future: misalignment of mind(destressing strategy: meditation)
Spiritual stress:
Spiritual issues occur when you are out of alignment with your inner truth and your true Self(destressing strategy:spritual healing techniques)
Spirit is the life, mind is the builder, and the physique is the result

Feed yr soul, fuel yr body, expand yr mind - create balance.
The world recognizes yr performance but not yr passion. Therefore performance ( outcome) based metrics is pursued by most of us.
But a passion based approach where we show passion at input phase( attachment) and philosophical outlook ( detachment) at output phase, then we can attain congruence between mind, soul & body. That will be stress free...
Again we come back to this “ stay on purpose & not on outcome”
PS: in our life time v keep trying these. Attaining excellence is always a journey , not a destination. I also keep trying with u.


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