Sunday, 29 March 2020

Have You Remitted to PM Cares?

Many worry about survival from attack others post survival economy. For survival stay in & be safe. The cure will come quickly. At rapid speed, various agencies working. For post survival economy worry raising guys. Please note this:
  • Every one of 130 crore Indians to contribute to pm cares relief fund ₹1000/- per person is ₹1.3Lakh crores.  Roughly Equal to govt current package. The govt can use these for post survival relief. It will be the biggest public bailing out an economy. Why don’t u start at least ₹1000 per head donation in your family? I 've given ₹1 lakh now. 
  • Will these 10 points inspire you...?
  1. Affluent ₹1 lakh per head in family
  2. Upper middle class. ₹10 k per person in the family, Middle/ lower middle class. ₹1 k per person
  3. Those low income ₹100 per head
  4. Less privileged receiving govt direct benefit.  Nil
  5. NRIs to double this number based on which state they belong to. 
  6. All CSR funds to go to pm care fund for one year
  7. ₹1 crore from MLA/ mp fund to go to pm care
  8. Those with wealth beyond ₹100 crores to give ₹1 cr per person
  9. All temples/ mosques/ churches to grant liberally 
  10. Ladies/ temples with excess gold to contribute gold liberally 

With this, we may collect more than  2/3 lakh crores. Pvt wealth will bailout. Who said India will fumble to survive? V will win. But start your donation. Are you ready with your cheque?

Dr Durgadoss
Author, Inspirational Speaker & Writer

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