Friday, 13 March 2020

Rajni New Mantra

Rajni? Now I am entering into a debate. I support Rajni as a down to earth man. I am a fan of Rajni. All his movies since Y2000, I used to take at least 100 of my associates from different states, different countries to his movies on the very first day of release.

But I have questions on his New political mantra:
-Winding up party posts post-election. This may not be possible as we have perennial elections.. say center, state, municipality, panchayat, etc. The parties have to win all elections so that they will show strong governance. For that, the party posts have to be in place always in an election mode. Root-cause one-time election for all posts. It should be a 100% participating, voting from home. (To check against new problems) Once election over, no talk on party differences. Modi is fighting for one-time elections. It is elusive)
-Second plan. Youth more than 60% are experienced IAS/ old age etc 40%

It is good the country with more youth is governed by youth. But we are wondering why he at 70 has not pushed young heroes and produced movies? Why is he still wearing youth look at movies? This is bcos he still feels that the Rajni brand is marketable. This is precisely the politicians are doing. The aged persons feel that brand value still exists. ( when Modi said above 75 to retire from active politics, lot of noises were raised) - Third-party head & state head different.

This is fine. But we respect Rajni as an individual. But we need not respect Rajni's selection of cm. the cm candidate should be acceptable to people and not Rajni. Who is his candidate should be declared now, not after elections? When administrative machinery is held by cm, he will not hesitate to consolidate his position at any cost.the history on this is not all that rosy - He says mass movement should come so that he comes in. A great leader builds a wave & ride on it. Just by saying waves should come from an airconditioned room, it will not come. Someone has to work for it. (Modi talked at 100 meetings across India. MGR was benefitted by the wrong strategy of his being thrown out of the party. Kejriwal exploited the Andolan movement to his advantage, CM Annadurai exploited anti-Hindi agitations) A wave is either created by an event or the leader tirelessly working for it.

Is Rajni ready to work for it? What is needed for a change?.., - Rajni should come as a CM by contesting election. How to win he has to strategize. May be following the same system - but once he comes in he should prove what is good clean governance as a live model, then only people will believe. - in a money-driven electoral politics, expecting people to change overnight, it may be a dream on paper. - once come into power corridors, he should rightfully use laws, innovatively use technology to avoid these money based voting and prove that everything goes on clean transparent governance, then people may believe. Seeing is believing. Now people see only false propaganda, money power only winning. They believe that now. If we want to make them believe the alternate model, we need to come first, demonstrate that alternative.

To come in, we should not wait for a changing system, we come within this present framework by strategizing ourselves against the crooks.

Is Rajni's call for revolution is an election strategy? Even if such a revolution does not come as a wave, will he step in?

God bless Rajni!


  1. I wecome Rajini.He is trying his best to come out with a different system.
    Any change proposed always does not receive spontanious approval.infact it provokes more nagative reactions.
    Rajini apperas to be a person who can deliver.
    Hopefully he succeds in his attempt. He has given a shock treatment to his hardcore fans and their positive reaction is the key.
    All the best to him and God bless him and people of state

  2. Very well analysed. Anything good is easily prescribed but difficult to execute. There the challenge lies. Eye opener for Rajni

  3. Assalammulaikkum

    First I like to tel u that I am also an fan of Shri shivaji Rao Geward
    Alis shri Rajnikant but after an issuse took place in the year 1996

    He told all his fans club to go and do ur work and take care of your family members needs

    As till this day till this time am not an member in any fan club of his

    Why this people of India is pulling his legs to come for political line

    As if he is not interested he want to work and earn money for his family members needs

    Take an example as an Indian citizens like as he say what he like to say when good are bad happens in India are in this world

    As we seat in tea benchs and restaurant we discuss

    As he is an actor cum superstar most people of this world see his movie

    So this media people go starit to him and ask questions boz they want there live tv channel rating may go up

    So he say the answer to the questions put by media people

    After flashing his news in media most of our people think he is supporting this party that party he is supporting that person this person

    Once he comes to know he get fedup about his own message.

    Now take an example as yesterday our whole world and India

    we ask by Indian Prime Minister to stay in home for corona virus

    After 5pm we had to give a support message to the Doctors nurse and coporations brothers sister in way of clapping hands for 5min standing in our balcony of our home

    But she in Gujrat people came out in huge crowds and walk in roads and streets clapping hands and shouting
    Modi modi

    U mean we are educated are uneducated
    Why media had not ask this questions to Gujrat CM are Gujrat Actors.

    So my personal request to all in this world pls leave him alone don't distrub him as he is interested in his own way of work which he had taken his family journey for his expense and for his family members needs

    As we work are we go for work for our family members needs

    Pls aviod asking questions to him
    Boz if he say the truth as an ordinary person like us

    His message and words are insulted by our political people are others so pls

    If all u need to ask any questions about the government are about the world pls go to normal persons who were in homes

    Don't ask questions him boz for ur rating