Thursday, 14 March 2013

Corporate Lessons from Mythology – 10


We have several business practices in the modern world which vary from region to region. We justify the variations as the result of differing societal DNA.

We have descriptions on business practices from our mythology. What are they?
Failure to keep promise amounts to cheating. Harichandra lost everything but still struck to his commitment. King Dasaratha sent Rama to the forest, since he had to honor his promise to his wife.

The deals in the traditional markets were conducted through the fingers hidden under a cloth. Such deals are always honored. The fingers did the deal before, to-day the fingers on the computers carry out the deals. But are the commitments honored to-day?

Rig Vedha states – ‘A trader is like a honey bee which sucks the honey without damaging the beauty and fragrance of the flower’. It emphasizes the emphases the fairness in business practices.

As far as best practices for a manager – Patanjali gives several steps for a Raja Yogi. 
 – They are 

 -  Getting detached from the fruits and results of daily routines.
 -  Adherence to a certain discipline in action without being carried away by the pressures of  
 -   Maintaining emotional balance at all times
 -   Focusing on long term concerns of stake holders.
Ancient Sastras says it all ….

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