Thursday, 14 March 2013

Corporate Lessons from Mythology - 9

Corporate lessons from Sastras

Yatha Raja, TathaPraja – As the king, so the people goes the saying. His style influences the people in his Raj. The same is described by peter Druker like this …
‘A bottleneck in the bottle is at the top’. He implies that the top management (similar to the king) influences the other levels of management.
But in the world of web, when the hackers, criminals, students and professors have an equal access – what can the so called corporate gate keepers do, when there are no longer any gates?
This argument is raised to counter the view that top management alone is responsible for the corporate reputation. In fact every one has to take the responsibility at all levels is the modern view.
Even this view is supported by the Sastras which says that unless you govern the self, you can not manage others. Thus the practice of values is stressed at the individual levels before we corporatize the same.
There are several organizational cultural issues we get from the Sastras, much before the so called western theories of organization. Some of them for you here…

            Dharmic Raj                 -           Righteous government
            Praja Kshemam            -           Welfare of the people
            YadYada Charati
            Sreshtah tat tadeva
            ItaroJanah                    -           Conduct of the elite is followed
                                                               By others.
            Udyogam Purusha
            Lakshanam                  -           Effort is the hallmark of a man

            Mate Sangosta
            Akarmani                    -           Avoid inaction

            Ma vidviShamaha                 Do not quarrel
            Yoga Samatva
            Uchayate                     -           Do not take extreme positions
            AhamBrahasmi            -           Self Awareness (I am the universal soul)

            Vanaprashtha               -           Succession management
                                                            (Giving way for next generation)

Kudumbakam              -           The whole world is the family of god
                                                (Corporate social responsibility)

Sarvam                         -           All things belong to God.
                                                (Corporate social responsibility)

There are many more. Ancient Sastras says it all. The modern corporate management techniques are only the new wine in the old bottle.

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