Thursday, 14 March 2013

Corporate Lessons from Mythology - 11

Karmic Journey- A puzzle

In one of the deliberations on corporate lessons from the Mythology, I was asked these two important questions by an intelligent young guy.

Question 1: Who keeps track of the good and bad Karmas?
Question 2: the desire for materialism- Is it inversely correlated to the age?
These two interesting questions came up from a very young guy.

Let us start with the question 1: When we say there “is a chief accountant general “ChitraGupt”, who keeps track of the deeds,the modern generation does not absorb this. Then how do we explain- how are the karmic deeds captured?

We say our life- be it good or bad is driven by past karmas. Therefore someone has to track - Isn’t it?
I gave this explanation. These days you have ‘smart cards’ which have intelligent chip embedded to it. These smart cards can retrieve information without having to access a central console.

They are the higher version of ‘traditional cards’. Like the ‘embedded chip’ in a smart card, our soul has an embedded chip.

This chip in the soul records all the deeds committed by us silently. It moves into another body along with the embedded chip.

This is a continuation of the karmic deeds into the next birth. That is how our karmic journey happens with inputs from the deeds recorded by the ‘smart chip’ in the soul.

What do you say? I asked the young guy. When you believe the smart card, you have to believe the smart recording ‘chip’ in the soul, I added. He said “yes.” I do not know whether it was a firm “yes” or not. What do you think?

In the next blog we explore answer for question 2: Is the desire for materialism inversely correlated to the age?

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