Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Interview with the contest winner

Ms Ananathalakshmi from Bangalore was the winner of the contest 'Date with History' and she shares her experience with us.

How was the experience, emerging as the grand winner of the contest ‘Date with History’?
It is my immense pleasure and delight to have been selected as the winner of the contest conducted. Although many writers launch their books, this was really unique! To create contest, and increase the curiosity before the launch, and to provide the opportunities to amateurs, is truly amazing!
 How was your experience travelling all the way to Chennai to attend the launch function of the book ‘The Shackles of the Warrior’?
Being in Bangalore, I had never visited Chennai before. This launch function gave me an opportunity to present myself at the function and also visit the place. The view of the Sea, dolphins jumping, ships, and people camped along beachside just before landing in Chennai was breathtaking! It’s a delight to see the beach, but to view from the sky so near is altogether another thing!!! The airport is conveniently located: P The accommodation provided was really very near to the Venue and was very helpful and convenient. Since the transport also was taken care, there was nothing to be worried about.
Have you read the book ‘The Shackles of the Warrior’?
As I am a reader since childhood, I just cannot stop myself from picking up a book to read. Of course I read it over the first weekend after the return.
How do you describe the story narration style of Dr.DD?
The narration and the book itself has been kept simple. It will reach to all age groups, and not specific to a particular audience.
Which chapter in the book was thrilling to read?
It is difficult to pick a chapter from the book, but I would say that the description of Varna system, the whole battle, strategy had kept me glued..! Till the last page the story continued to fascinate me. The last chapter was a masterpiece and the suspense unlocked was beyond my imagination. Truly thrilling…
Which character in the book impressed you the most and why?
There has been equal importance given to all the characters in the book, each have their own quality and strengths. But personally, I liked the Bharadwaj character who was the master and main key. The way he dealt with the situations, handled all types of people, his opinions and principles for which he stood, everything was impressive about him.
What do you anticipate from the next book ‘Indus challenge’ of the series?
Since its supposed to be a series of 10 books, I hope that Drdd won’t keep  us waiting for long time awaiting for next books in the series J I really wouldn’t be able to anticipate the next story, as it has not been predictive in the first! But I guess it would show next life of Sagar, where he would look through people and would be more refined in the times of maybe on Indus Valley Civilization and its downfall.
Any special comments you would like to add.
The book started with the recent times, and the rest was a flashback from his memory. As a reader, it would be intriguing if a little story of recent times was also covered along with past life..! All the very best! J I realize that the karmic journey of the hero will ultimately lead to the modern cyber era.

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