Monday, 6 May 2013

The launch of The Shackles of the Warrior - Tidbits from the Media

The launch of the Shackles of the Warrior was very successful. The media had quite a few questions to ask. Here, I share with you a few of them with my replies.

1. Story Teller - Why Now?

Q.    Why did you now become a story teller from being a corporate performer? Why not before? Why Now?
There is a saying ….

“The premature pregnancy is bad for the child. The delayed pregnancy is bad for the mother”, they say. I didn’t want to release the books, the child at a very young age so that it will not be bad for the child – the books.

Same way I do not want to delay further in releasing the books, it may not be good for the mother viz., and the author, as ageing may deprive him to give good books.

Hence I thought it is time to write now. The second reason is – I have been a corporate story teller, as story telling is the way we cut across even serious messages today. Now I am having a transition from a corporate story teller to that of a public story teller.

Also, now only it occurred to me to take this passion seriously. I take it as a divine direction. It is better to be “late” than “Never”.  

                                                                                                                                    be contd.

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