Wednesday, 29 May 2013

The launch of The Shackles of the Warrior - Tidbits from the Media Part IV

The launch of the Shackles of the Warrior was very successful. The media had quite a few questions to ask. Here, I share with you a few of them with my replies.

4. Conch Shell

Q: - Another interesting question that I have is about the practice of blowing conch shells?
‘In our tradition, conch shell is blown on many occasions including times of worship, Yajna, birth, funerals and other ceremonies. It is also the boggle of war. Arjuna uses ‘Panchjanya’ to announce his intention to battle. The blower is required to concentrate his mind and blow a lungful of air with measured force into the shell with his lips pressed to it. The sound that erupts from the conch shell is like a long drawn ‘Om’, which is the most revered chant of our ‘dharma’. It is also symbolic of the humming echo of ‘Brahm’ (big bang) that still hangs in space as a cosmic vibration.’ be contd.

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