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THE Cosmic Dance: The Wonder   
Do you Know the shape of all the Atomic reactors across the world?

You will be surprised. All these Atomic reactors are in the shape of ShivaLinga. Atom is the beginning, the end. It can create & destroy. Every atom has sub atomic particle (Proton, Quark etc.) which keeps moving within the atom. This deed leads to creation & destruction.

The cosmic dance of Lord Natraja reflects this nature’s law. The biggest Atomic research center CERN (European organization for Nuclear Research) has a Natraja Statue in their Head Quarters. The greatest book on Nuclear Physics ‘The Tao of Physics’ written by Fritjof Capra, the Austrian American Scientist defines a cosmic dance like this..

‘Every Sub atomic Particle not only performs an energy dance but also reflects the pulsating process of unceasing creation and destruction – the basis of all existence of all natural Phenoma’

The great Scientist Carl Sagan (1934/1966) who produced a TV Serial in America called “Cosmos” describes the Cosmic dance of Lord Natraja as “This Symbolizes the Creation and Destruction”.

 No Wonder, many claim that the tip of the toe of the leg in the dancing pose of Lord Natraja at the temple Town of Tamil Nadu is the Center of the universe.

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