Wednesday, 18 September 2013


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Web Balloons run on Solar Power?

Google X, the secret arm of the company that runs projects such as Robot cars has initiated two new path breaking disruptive tech projects – Fiber & Loon.

“Loon” involves creating an airborne wireless network using 12 meter tall air balloons, powered by the Solar Energy. They will run on batteries at night.

Such web balloons were launched for test over New Zealand. They will deliver 3G- Like wireless speeds to ground antennas that in turn will transmit signal to wireless devices. The speed will be ten times faster.

Google “Fiber”, is a high speed Cable TV and internet service that was tested in Kansas City last year. It will deliver internet speed 100 times faster than average Network.

Recently Google has announced plans to bring free wireless internet access to 7000 Starbucks cafes across America.

These Solar Powered web balloons and free offer of Wi-Fi in parks may challenge the telecom & cable companies.

Disruptive Technology – Live for You …….
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